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A Culture of Excellence in Hospitality

Silverwest Hotels, LLC was formed in 2013 and is based in Denver, Colorado. Seasoned hotel executives Edward Mace and Charles Peck started Silverwest to create a premier hotel investment, development, and hospitality management company, and ever since, Silverwest Hotels has continued to grow its scope and footprint. Today, Silverwest Hotels owns and manages a number of exceptional properties in multiple states. During its operation, Silverwest Hotels has acquired hotels as well as undertaken developments across Colorado, Texas, California, Hawaii, Missouri, and Iowa. As Silverwest Hotels continues to grow, it’s constantly seeking the opportunity to maximize profit potential through disciplined management in both existing hotel properties and prospective developments for, and on behalf of, its partners.

Silverwest Hotels

Silverwest Hotels is a joint venture that brings together the founding principles of hospitality with the institutional management platform and expertise of Platform Ventures, LLC and an affiliate of Global Endowment Management. Silverwest Hotels performs strategic acquisition, development, and management of hotel real estate assets.

Platform Ventures, LLC

Platform Ventures, LLC (“Platform”) is a firm that, through its asset management subsidiaries, manages and invests in real estate, real estate-related assets, real estate technologies and real estate-focused companies located throughout the United States. Led by founders and Co-Presidents, Ryan and Terry Anderson, Platform’s experienced management team seeks to add value to client portfolios by applying its knowledge of the long-term cycles and macro-economic trends that shape the real estate market in order to create price-to-value dislocations. Platform and its affiliates have over $1 billion in assets under management[1] in 35 states. 

[1] Please note, this amount includes Platform affiliates and does not represent Regulatory Assets Under Management as defined by the SEC.

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Global Endowment Management

Global Endowment Management (“GEM”) is an independent investment manager actively managing client assets in the style of leading endowments and foundations. Through its affiliates, GEM pursues varied and non-traditional investment opportunities to provide a long-term oriented, diversified investment program. GEM is the investment office for its investors — assuming responsibility for asset allocation, manager selection, risk management and investment reporting.

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Silverwest Portfolio

Silverwest Portfolio

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